Thursday, January 10, 2013

And Just What Does It Mean To Be Noble?

Live Action article

Many articles focus on how abortion affects women, and her choice, but for the moment, my focus is on men who are pro-choice and who often remain silent on the sidelines, even though they’re involved in the creation of human life just as much as she is. On January 22nd – the anniversary of Roe v Wade – the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in this country, I continue to ask myself, how has this tragedy continued for so long?

Is it in part because the virtue of nobility has disappeared from the actions and hearts of men?

How does a man fulfill his obligation to protect women and the weakest of society – the unborn? Wasn't that what he was designed for, to defend his family, his wife, his children? So where is it noble for a man to destroy his own child by pushing for an abortion, or for male politicians including the President, to promote abortion with the use of tax payer money?

Wouldn’t it be ideal to live in a society where an unplanned pregnancy is not seen as a crisis, but a blessing? Instead of families turning to Planned Parenthood* for relief by killing the baby, they would find it from family support, religious organizations, and politicians who work to provide support programs for such families, so that it is never a crisis or inconvenience to have a child under any circumstance.
Men with noble hearts are ready at any moment to lay down their lives for those they're called to protect, but instead, in this inverted culture, many men would rather preserve their own life while letting those they were called to protect perish. Abortion not only destroys the unborn child, but it damages the woman's body and mental health**, and at times, terminates her own life. The abortion-inducing drugs also have the same damaging effects on women's bodies.

The lost virtue of nobility can be won back by men showing women, that they will take care of them and their children, not abandon them because of a pregnancy, but show them what a true protector and provider is like. That is noble! Maybe then, with much hope and healing, women who for so long have bought into the pro-abortion mentality will be rescued back from it, and the culture of death, and finally be able to live in peace in a culture of life.

Men too have allowed Roe V Wade to continue for as long as it has, but it can end when they shine forth the virtue of nobility once again!

*(“In many cities Planned Parenthood has a monopoly on the abortion industry and reported 87.4 million in surplus revenue despite receiving 45% of their income from Uncle Sam(Obama). Last year 333,964 abortions were performed through Planned Parenthood affiliates.” (1) Planned Parenthood helped design the HHS Mandate – Obabmacare – “a law that forces countless employers and religious institutions to carry health insurance plans that provides free contraception services, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs regardless of their moral and religious objections.”(2)

(1) from Susan Michelle Tyrell:

(2) from:

**(“Studies show that the cells from aborted babies have been found living in their mother’s brains, and some for decades. How that affects her mind will be the thrust of new research to come.” from Jill Stanek:


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