Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Rising Shadow Of The HHS Mandate (Obamacare).

In January of 1999, I had the privilege of jogging a lap around the inner rim half way up the remains of the Roman Colosseum. I gazed downward from where spectators viewed into the maze-like ruins that were left of the arena floor, and saw where countless early-century Christians lost their lives to the cheers of the Roman Emperors of that time.

The Arena - inside the Colosseum

Now, all these years later, I see the United States divided between Christian and atheist, conservative and liberal, blue and red. I see so much anger and slander volleyed from one side to the other, as brother was pitted against brother during the Presidential election. Now that America has decided for President, I wonder about my fate, I who am a Christian.

All of my life I have enjoyed the protection of my Christian values and the freedoms our country was founded upon, but now that time seems to be over with many of today's politicians and judges challenging individual conscience and religious freedoms like never before.

In the end, I answer to God for my conscience, not to any man. Did I protect the unborn and the sanctity of human life? Did I fight for the protection of religious freedoms? Did I defend traditional marriage? Did I stand up for the freedom of individual conscience?

Another threat to our religious freedoms is from the Department of Health and Human Services – (the HHS Mandate) or Obamacare – a law that forces countless employers and religious institutions such as Catholic hospitals, schools and other religious organizations and businesses “to carry health insurance plans that provides free contraception services, sterilizations, and abortion-inducing drugs regardless of their moral and religious objections.”(1) Nearly all employers and employees not in compliance with Obamacare may face fines and lawsuits in the near future.

Now with the HHS Mandate looming ever closer like a rising shadow, then possibly that day so many early-century Christians faced will face me too. A day in which it will be my turn standing in that arena, and challenged to either bow to Caesar, deny my faith and accept the Mandate, or else pay the consequences.

My hope is like that of all the early Christian martyrs who were decapitated, fed to lions, torn apart by beasts, and burned at the stake. They paid the ultimate price for remaining steadfast in their religious beliefs. I hope I will share the same courage they had in obeying God's Commands to the end. Is our trust in God or in Caesar? Do we know better than the Creator of the Universe about these issues and the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death, when so clearly, Thou shalt not etched within all our hearts?

There can be no compromise with the Commandments of God. It is all or nothing. If politicians and judges continue to oppose my Christian beliefs and challenge our freedoms by enforcing the HHS Mandate, then I hope I'm strong for you. I hope I don't falter. I hope to show the witness of what my faith and obedience to God's Commandments means to me. I hope I am brave for you.

Will there be new martyrs in 2013? Will Colosseums be drenched in blood again? One way or the other, it will soon be time for Christians to show the world what they truly believe, what they're made of, to turn the other cheek and shed their blood once again for a new harvest.

Christians don't face this challenge alone, for our hope is in our Captain Martyr who is with us until the end of the age. The Church will never be defeated, because it is His power and grace that will free us from fear, and fuel us with courage in laying down our lives for Him; The Christ, who did so for us first, for our example!

America needs to look to courageous Christians to show them the way to Christ, even if our Government takes our religious freedoms from us, kills our babies, and spills our blood for what we believe; we still must love these modern-day Romans the same way our early Christian brothers and sisters did, with prayer and fasting, peaceful protest of the Mandate, and with the shedding of our blood if need be.

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Stop Obama’s HHS Mandate
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