Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Last Word.

Wouldn't be odd if an artist working for months on a dazzling sculpture, suddenly threw their masterpiece to the ground, shattering it in a thousand pieces?

A few years ago I found a woman alone and sobbing uncontrollably on her knees in a chapel. Her anguish was inconsolable. She had had an abortion. There wasn't anything I could do to help her. I felt bad for heart hurt too.

For all women who carry a wound from a past abortion, whether it was done during a traumatic and anxiety-filled time, pressured by others and deceived by the culture of death: know that choice is never the last word.

God the Father forgives all his prodigal sons and daughters returning home to Him from yet another disaster. There is a long line of us. In the Heavenly Father's embrace, I'm redeemed with hope that my error wasn't the last word, nor the last of me. Mercy can blast the walls that hold you captive by guilt and shame. Live life, start over, and make another masterpiece. God will forgive you, and dwell on your past no more. Christ's Mercy is the last word, are you ready for it to heal your life?


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